Meriaura Newsletter September 2015

Better times ahead?

Despite the gloomy economic forecasts in our trading area, heavy project cargoes keep on moving. If you choose to be an optimist, you could interpret that this industry, after all, has faith in the future. Although the market for bulk-transports, as usual, was weak during the summer period, our project department has been very busy. Not only has Mv Meri, our open deck carrier, had more business than in a long time, but also has the number of smaller project transports shown growth.

The fact that we now have a larger fleet than last year, and we also expanded our trading area, means we are better able to serve project customers, with more positions and in a wider range. In many cases, projects shipments as part cargo could be an attractive solution. This of course requires good planning in advance and some flexibility in the schedule, but given the potential in cost savings, it’s worth giving it a try.

So please don’t hesitate to let us know about your needs for maritime transports – large or small. Together with our experienced and creative team we are looking for an optimal solution for your cargo.

Wishing you good luck in business and a nice autumn,

Beppe Rosin

Meriaura chartering

More hands and experience

Hannu Laivoniemi has joined our bulk chartering desk as Chartering Manager. Hannu has several years of experience in logistics and prior to his employment with Meriaura, he held the position of Country Manager for Tschudi Logistics Finland. Hannu, Riinu and Tuomas now form our customer service team in dry bulk chartering.

Our project department has also been strengthened by new collaborators. Risto Kankare, with over three decades of experience in ship building and technology, will focus on technical cargo plans and transport manuals related to heavier project cargoes together with Juha Ylitalo, who most of our Project customers already have come to know. Matti Nuttunen, who started as trainee last spring, will provide technical sales support, working closely together with Jessica Saari, who is the Chartering Manager for the project team.

Xavier De Meulder has ended his career in Meriaura and moved to new assignments within wind power industry. We thank Xavier for the past 10 years and wish him success in his future challenges.

See the whole Meriaura staff here


Polaris VG on time charter to UPM

UPM-logistics and Meriaura have signed a time charter agreement for the multi- purpose Ro-Ro vessel MV Polaris VG. The vessel will trade mainly between Finland and Germany, carrying paper reels and other forestry products, starting in January 2016. MV Polaris VG was acquired by Meriaura-Group at the beginning of 2015 and has been sailing under Finnish flag since then.


New T/C-vessel Steenbank

M/s Steenbank (DWT 4500, built 2005) has joined the Meriaura fleet today 17.09.2015. See vessel's details here


Meriaura Group proudly presents: Opening of Biofuel plant in Uusikaupunki

VG-Shipping’s bio-oil production plant in Uusikaupunki was inaugurated on August 27th 2015. Customers, staff and other cooperators of Meriaura Group were attending the event and exploring the plant and the surrounding energy park.

Read more of the fuel and see photos from the happening here


VG-Shipping strengthens its organization

Captain Thomas Friis has been appointed new Crewing Manager for VG-Shipping, as Ville Koskinen was appointed Director of Ship Management. Thomas started at the office on 14th September 2015. He has previously worked as a teacher in maritime school and has experience as Chief mate as well as Ship’s Master. We warmly welcome Thomas in the VG-Shipping team. See the whole VG-Shipping staff and contacts here

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