Newsletter June 2017
Meriaura team rowing

Heading out for better efficiency

Meriaura continuously strives to be a forerunner when it comes to innovations and re-thinking of the shipping industry. Our new Eco-coasters (Eeva VG and Mirva VG) have now been trading for about 6 months, and so far proven that the promises made regarding a cleaner shipping have come true. Not only is the daily fuel consumption  almost 50 % lower than for similar traditional vessels but also the test runs on biofuel,  produced in our own facilities, have turned out as expected . We can also be proud of the external attention paid to our efforts for a greener shipping. Lately the VG Eco Coasters were noticed with The Baltic Clean Maritime Award.

Another factor with huge impact on sustainability issues, is the utilization of the cargo capacity and route optimization. Minimizing the ballast and maximizing the intake for each voyage will get even more attention in our future way of working.

In order to improve our operational efficiency, we put in place a new software - Fleetrange. Fleetrange will provide an innovative and modern real-time operational awareness solution, which promises to digitalize and improve the operational efficiency and real-time situational picture of our ships and cargoes. With Fleetrange we also strive to increase the amount of part cargoes. Our ambition is to clearly communicate to the market whenever a part cargo possibility occurs. Furthermore a live tracking view, where the customers can follow the voyage more or less in real-time, is under construction. Despite new technology, we strongly believe that our core resource is motivated and professional people. The bulk Chartering team was recently strengthened with Kristel Kusters, who has been working as vessel operator at Meriaura for almost a decade. Hannu Laivoniemi, has returned to the bulk-desk from project chartering, and he will especially keep his eyes on project and part-cargoes for the coaster vessels. Having also Riinu Walls and Jukkis Sutela on board, our bulk chartering teem is covering a very large range of expertise and experience.

In project Chartering Jessica Saari will henceforth be assisted by Maria Byskata, who will stretch her role and besides operational issues look more into project chartering.

Our organization is strengthened also on the top management level. Elisa Mikkolainen will step into the big shoes of Jussi Mälkiä. We warmly welcome Elisa to join our team.

Wishing you and your business a good tailwind and a nice summer season,

Beppe Rosin
Vice Managing Director

Elisa and chartering department
Meriaura Group appoints new Managing Director

Elisa Mikkolainen, 50, M.Soc.Sc. (Econ.), MBA, has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Meriaura Group. She will be responsible for maritime logistics as well as technical and crewing management. She will begin in her new position 17 July 2017.

Elisa Mikkolainen has wide experience in shipping, mainly with chemical tankers but also with dry cargo.  Latest she held the position of Managing Director at Crystal Pool Ltd from 2010 to 2016. Before that, she worked both in chartering and operations with Crystal Pool Ltd and Kemira GrowHow Ltd.  Recently she has been active as Senior Advisor for maritime affairs at BSAG Baltic Sea Action Group.

Besides her work commitments, Elisa Mikkolainen has been a frequent lecturer at the Centre for Maritime Studies (University of Turku), Merikotka Maritime Research Centre and Border and Coast Guard Academy, and contributed to academic research projects.

Jussi Mälkiä will remain Chairman of the Board for Meriaura Group, and Managing Director for Auramare Ltd. Beppe Rosin remains at the head of Meriaura Chartering and Operations departments as Vice Managing Director.


Meriaura increasing efficiency by digitalizing operations

Meriaura has introduced an innovative and modern real-time situational solution, Fleetrange. Fleetrange enables real-time tracking of our fleet, chartering and daily operations. Combining the digitalized process with other management tools, we’re aiming to improve our operational efficiency and utilization rate of our fleet by striving to increase the amount of part cargos. Our ambition is to clearly communicate to the market whenever a part cargo possibility occurs. “We have a strong passion for new technology and innovative solutions and we are constantly looking for ways to renew ourselves and the way we serve our customers. We firmly believe that with Fleetrange we will be able to further increase our internal efficiency as well as the utilization rate of our fleet. We look forward to providing our customers a higher level of engagement, visibility and Customer eXperience with the digitalized Fleetrange-solution”, says Jussi Mälkiä, the Chairman of the Meriaura Group.

Fleetrange is an innovative Finnish IT company specializing in real-time situational and operational awareness solutions built on Simple, Intelligent and Affordable IoT and cloud technology. Fleetrange has a passion to be a front-runner in digitalizing the Maritime Industry.

Mirva wind mill components

Windmill components on m/v Mirva VG’s tweendeck

Our second EcoCoaster, m/v Mirva VG carried windmill components from Denmark to Northern Finland. This was a special occasion as her tweendeck was utilized for the first time. Our EcoCoaster was suitable for this voyage due to ice class requirements in Northern Finland, and the charterers’ age limitation with the performing vessel was not an issue with our brand new lady either. Vessel’s experienced, efficient and flexible crew was involved in lashing and securing operations, and vessel’s own materials were used as part of seafastening.

On a seek for an ocean liner to be recycled

Meriaura is looking for an ocean liner at the end of its lifespan to be recycled in Turku as a part of a piloting project. The project will study the ways to demolish and recycle ships in the most environmentally safe and resource-efficient way. The piloting demolition is set to begin within a year and it could be the start of a new industry in Europe.

This is a possibility for all ship owners looking to improve their sustainability regarding demolition or to find a solution for their problematic end-of-life ocean liner.

The demolition will take place in a drydock at Turku Repair Yard that is suitable for ships up to 280 meters long. Ideally, the vessel under demolition should be at least 500GT in volume in order for the results of the pilot project to be comparable with European Union’s new regulation and research on ship recycling.

For all enquiries, please contact Jussi Mälkiä.

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