Meriaura Newsletter April 2016
Aura by Michael Brakhage

Deck cargo carrier 'Aura' returning to Meriaura fleet

We are happy to announce that our MV Aura will return to our operation as from May 2016 onwards. MV Aura is currently dry docked in Munkebo Denmark, where she is converted back to her original shape and condition, namely to a multi-purpose open deck and heavy cargo carrier.

When delivered, in 2008, MV Aura, was originally designed to meet the demand for ice-classed vessels able to carry heavy project cargoes, especially steel sections for the ship building industry. The design turned out to be very successful and gradually the scope of work expanded to other demanding heavy project cargoes e.g.  harbor cranes,  wind farm components, and steel structures for the oil- and gas offshore industry.

In 2012 Aura was converted to a cable laying vessel and chartered on a long time contract by the German company Norddeutsche Seekablelwerke GmbH. MV Meri, the sister vessel to MV Aura, was delivered the same year and she was dedicated to the trade that was built up by Aura. The cable laying engagement ended in February 2016 where after we decided to convert her back to her original shape.  The conversion is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. Aura will maintain its dynamic positioning capabilities as a DP2 vessel.

We see it as a great advantage being able to offer two, more or less identical vessels for heavy project transports. By doubling the capacity, we look forward to provide even better customer service and flexibility in the future. Furthermore the arrangement enables bidding for even bigger project entities and more distant locations.  Please let us know your need regarding heavy transports – together we´ll find a smooth and cost-effective solution.

Wishing you warm and sunny spring time,

Beppe Rosin


What's going on with VG EcoCoaster® newbuildings?

The two 4700 dwt VG EcoCoaster dry cargo carriers ordered by Meriaura Group, ms ‘Eeva VG’ and ms ‘Mirva VG’, are under construction at Partner Stoznian shipyard in Szczecin. Both vessels have been launched and steel work, painting and outfitting is continuing on quay. Vessels will be town for equipping to Royal Bodewes dockyard in Papenburg Germany, Eeva VG on week 15 and Mirva VG six weeks later. First vessel will be delivered to Meriaura by the end of summer and second one in autumn 2016.

What makes the Coasters ”Eco”?

The fundament of design on EcoCoasters has been to minimize environmental strain, with various environmentally friendly solutions adapted into shipbuilding process. The basic idea is to optimize the vessels for open seas when operating on relatively low speed, and simultaneously decrease the daily fuel consumption to half compared to a conventional vessel of similar type. This is accomplished by designing hull shape optimal for low speed and optimizing the main engine solely for open sea operations. Requisite Ice power is gained from auxiliary engines for propeller by PTI system/setup. Another significant feature is the possibility to use bio fuel on main engine. The main engine is 1650kW ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation), specially equipped for bio fuel adapted fuel system. In addition there are two separate independent systems for fuel storage and handling, one for bio fuel and one for diesel fuel. The main engine has a catalytic converter which enables very low levels of NOX emissions. Environmental strain is also lessen with non-toxic Ecospeed paint on vessels’ frame/body without utilizing antifouling paint. Furthermore, a ballast water treatment to hinder foreign biota from spreading is installed on the vessels.

We are now looking for professional sea personnel for the brand new EcoCoaster-vessels

We will employ 28-32 seamen on the two VG EcoCoaster sister vessels.
Positions onboard and STCW codes:

Captain II/2
Chief Officer
Chief Mate II/2
2nd Officer
Watchkeeping officer II/1
Able Seaman
Able Seaman II/4  III/4
Watchkeeping Rating
Watchkeeping rating II/4  III/4
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer less than 3000 III/3 or Second Engineer III/2
Cook Ship's cook & rating II/4 

For more information about

  • the positions please contact our Crewing Manager Thomas Friis.
    You can leave your application here.
  • the vessels and their technique please contact Director Ismo Saaros.
  • chartering the EcoCoasters please contact Vice Managing Director Beppe Rosin.

Happenings in spring 2016

Breakbulk Europe 2016

Meriaura will participate in Breakbulk Europe 2016 event at May 23-26, 2016 in Antwerp. Welcome to meet us at our stand 301H2!
Breakbulk Europe 2016 is the largest exhibition & educational forum in Europe addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals.

NaviGate 2016

Meriaura Group will participate in NaviGate 2016-event that will bring the most important operators in the maritime cluster to Turku on 18 and 19 May 2016. The key themes of this trade fair are the maritime industry, maritime logistics and shipping. The main elements of the event include seminars, briefings, networking, recruitment, research, development and training.


VG-Shipping crewing a new vessel

Our cooperation partner Meritaito Ltd has won the competitive bidding of hydrographic survey of the Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service for the Mareano programme. Mareano is collecting marine knowledge on the marine environment and biodiversity in Norwegian coastal and offshore areas. It is one of the world's most challenging and demanding hydrographic survey projects.

Meritaito has already for years relied on VG-Shipping with crewing its vessels, and the research vessel ‘Letto’ which is sent to Norway, is also crewed by VG-Shipping. Letto’s project will begin in April and is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. Surveys are carried out in the Barents Sea, near Spitsbergen.

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