Maritime logistics

Our commitment to the environment

Climate change and the global state of the environment have shown that we require an immediate change in our day-to-day practices globally. Environmental issues need to be taken into account in all activities. Energy production must be generated from more reliable, sustainable and less hazardous sources, whilst total energy consumption must be minimized whenever possible.

Meriaura Group operates in a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency-related projects both on land and offshore. We have also set tough targets to increase the use of renewable energy and decrease carbon dioxide emissions in our own actions. Developing and implementing of new sustainable forms of energy are one of our ambitions. We are on the right way, but much remains to be done.

Aura cable laying

Offshore wind farms

We want to be in key position in developing sustainable energy. Open deck and heavy cargo carriers Meri and Aura have participated in demanding offshore wind installation projects such as Sheringham Shoal and Walney OWF. Aura worked 3 years at southern Baltic Sea as offshore wind farm cable laying vessel.

Meri bio oil

Bio fuels at sea

In Meriaura Group we have strong expertise and open-minded attitude for biofuels development. Our special purpose vessel Meri is known to be the first cargo ship of this size, which is able to use 100% bio-oil. The raw material for the biofuel comes from industry side streams, and therefore is not competing against food production. Our two VG EcoCoaster-newbuildings are also designed for using bio oil, produced by VG EcoFuel Ltd .

energy efficiency
Energy efficiency in all actions

In all activities we aim at the most energy-efficient solutions. In the shipping business, the most effective energy-saving method is to reduce fuel consumption, and this is carried out in many different ways, eg. precise and accurate route optimization, fuel consumption monitoring and training of personnel.

Sybimar closed circulation
Closed circulation consept

Sybimar Ltd., part of Meriaura Group, is building a bioenergy solution based on closed circulation where waste, waste energy, nutrients and CO2 are used and recycled back to the energy and food production. Our
aim is to make the energy and food chain as carbon
neutral as possible.
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Atmosmare oak

Atmosmare Foundation

Atmosmare Foundation is an organisation which develops and tests methods and techniques to minimise the negative effects of climate change.

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