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Meriaura taking part in creating a Finnish ship recycling industry

What happens to ocean liners at the end of their lifecycle? Until now, these ships have been demolished in India or Bangladesh, where working conditions are not always as they should be. As EU regulation tightens, ships that have sailed under EU Member State flags must undergo certified demolition within the EU, that is sustainable for the environment and people. However, there are no demolition sites for large ocean liners, longer than 100 meters.

Funded by Tekes, the Ship Recycling project sets out to investigate how Finland could respond to this global challenge. The project consortium includes Turku Repair Yard, Meriaura, Delete Finland and Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh. The Ship Recycling project aims to launch a ship demolition industry in Finland. Up to 90% of the weight of a ship consists of steel and other materials that can be recycled. The creation of a demolition industry would create new jobs in Finland and provide opportunities for subcontractors.

The Ship Recycling project is currently in the demo stage. Meriaura acquired a ship for demolition, which is at the moment taking place in Naantali. “Meriaura has been involved in metal recycling business since 1995. In this project we will also take care of transporting and trading the recycled material back to industry”, says Jukkis Sutela, Business Development Manager in Meriaura.

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