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Meriaura proved to have happy clients

In spring 2014, we carried out our very first client satisfaction survey in Meriaura’s history in cooperation with Valmennustalo Educo. We thank all our clients, who participated in the survey. We highly appreciate your feedback.

The feedback was generally exceptionally good. On the scale of 1 to 5, we got an average of 4,49 for our overall image, 4,1 for client service as a whole, and 4,22 for sales and client service activities. We are very grateful and humbled by the feedback we received.

We aim at continuously developing our business more client-oriented and flexible. With this survey, we also wanted to learn about our clients’ views concerning possible future threats and the new environmental regulations for maritime traffic that will soon come into force. We have sent a small thank you gift to those clients who kindly took their time to respond to the survey, and gave us their contact details. Encouraged by these results, it is good to move on towards new challenges!

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