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Major improvement of Eurajoki port

Remarkable improvements and renovations have been made in Eurajoki port during autumn of 2013.


The old Mann-crane was removed from the quayside. A video of this procedure can be found here. Meanwhile old crane rail tracks were removed from the quay in order to ease the cleaning of the quayside. Repair actions also allow goods to be transferred to the quay upfront, while some other cargo and/or vessel is being operated. Furthermore, the effective side length of the quay increased from 53 meters to 85 meters.

A full-length metal border was installed on the edge of the quay. Both ends of the quay were fixed and raised on the same level with rest of the dock. Also, new bollards were set up on both ends. The surroundings, together with the field in front of the quay, were paved with asphalt, totaling around 6000 m2. The improvement enables the operations of a single large ship or comparably two small ships simultaneously. In addition, five reflector boards will be installed on the outer edge on the quay, making the quay more visible from the sea during dark hours of the day. Likewise, the lighting of both ends of the quay will be renewed during autumn of 2013.


The fairway leading to the port of Eurajoki will be broadened, and at the same time the turning on the fairway is going to be straightened. This measure will improve the safety of the entire fairway. Solid beacons are installed in order to guarantee the safe pilotage of the vessels, as the risk regarding buoys moving away from their designated spots is eliminated. Solid line charts allow the pilotage of the vessels at night time around the year. On top of the fairway revision, we are also developing ice breakage services to guarantee smooth winter operations to the port.

The port of Eurajoki is owned by Olkiluodon Yksityissatama Ltd, which is part of Meriaura Group. Olkiluoto Port Logistics is responsible for the operations of the port.

For further information regarding the Eurajoki port please contact Mrs. Sari Virtanen
tel. +358 400 568 501 sari.virtanen(at)

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