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EcoPorts Finland Expands Operations to Pori Tahkoluoto

Aura Mare Oy, part of Meriaura Group, has rented a part of the Tahkoluoto harbor in Pori. The rented area covers quayside of about 5,000 m2 and a field storage space of 10,000 m2. A ten-meter-deep fairway leads to the 145 meters long pier. EcoPorts Finland Oy, part of the same group, acts as the operator in the port, providing also forwarding and ship agency services.

The business of EcoPorts Finland is in steady growth. Traffic in the port of Eurajoki has increased by 62% from the year 2016, and the volume of goods transported through the port will be about 300,000 tons in 2017. Through expansion EcoPorts Finland responds to the growing needs of its customers and at the same time adds flexibility to its services: with two ports continuous operations and customer service can be secured, even during winters with heavy ice conditions.  ‘The so called ‘round timber’ will be handled in Tahkoluoto, but we are able to handle almost any kind of cargoes’, explains Ilkka Leino, Marketing Director of EcoPorts Finland.  

Ilkka Leino and Henrik Räisänen on the pier under repair works in Tahkoluoto. Picture: Kari Suni

Port of Pori will do the necessary repair works of the quayside and the field space. EcoPorts Finland will shift part of its fixtures from Eurajoki to Tahkoluoto. The harbor operations will be run by one to two fast cranes and an up-to-date wheel loader machinery. EcoPorts is awaiting for the first shipments to Tahkoluoto already by the end of this year.

For more information, please contact Marketing Director  of EcoPorts Finland Ilkka Leino 

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